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ERC Research

We are an important Australia-wide research centre, with strong international collaborations. Our clinical and genetic work is integrated with leading neuroimaging and basic science teams. We have identified several epilepsy syndromes and discovered many epilepsy genes, including the first gene in 1995. These discoveries continue to reveal new pathways for epileptogenesis meaning that translational treatments back to the patient can and are becoming a reality.


We are integrated with the University of Melbourne, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Austin Health, and the Florey Institute. In addition to genetics of epilepsy, we conduct research into new-onset epilepsy, surgical treatment of epilepsy, neuroimaging in epilepsy (with the Florey), outcomes of epilepsy, sudden unexpected death in epilepsy, surgical treatment of epilepsy, autism, and non-epileptic paroxysmal disorders.

Research Themes

Advanced neuroimaging for understanding epilepsy: seizure focus, cause and impact.

In collaboration with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, and with A/Prof John Archer, University of Melbourne


We do lots of amazing research - there are always opportunities to work with us, train with us, or collaborate with us. Whether you are a PhD candidate, Post-doctoral researcher, or clinical fellow we are interested in how you see yourself working with us. Let's chat!

ERC research in action

Browse a sample of landmark publications from the ERC.

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