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Citation Classics

The best research fundamentally changes scientific thinking or medical practice. This may be by changing concepts of disease mechanisms or of normal physiology, by improving diagnostic methods, by altering conventional patient treatment etc.

Such research is likely to be cited often. The frequency of citation is a reasonable, albeit imperfect, guide to scientific excellence.

Here we display our citation classics, defined as articles quoted more than 100 times. These discoveries have "made a difference" and we briefly describe their impact. You will also see these citation classics showcased on screens around the Melbourne Brain Centre, where the Epilepsy Research Centre is based.

Hippocampal sclerosis
Hippocampal sclerosis
hippocampal pathology
cortical development malformations
MRI scans in TLE
GEFS+ gene mutation
GEFS+ gene mutation
First gene for epilepsy
motor attacks as seizures
classifying cortical malformation
Metabolites in TLE
GABA and epilepsy
Hippocampal sclerosis detection
Epilepsy Surgery
Functional brain imaging
Visualising seizures
Genes for brain development disorder
Seizure imaging
Focal cortical dysplasia
Sturctural basis of memory
Temporal lobe epilepsy
Blood flow changes in seizures
Blood flow changes in seizures
Temporal lobe epilepsy
Generalised epilepsy activity
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