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Epilepsy Outcomes Research

The focus of the Epilepsy Outcomes research program is on the long-term outcome of epilepsy. Many people live with epilepsy for a significant proportion of their lifetime, yet outcome studies often have quite limited timeframes. We aim to build carefully characterised long-term patient cohorts in order to contribute to the understanding of epilepsy over the lifetime.

Our particular interests are:
  • Measurement of different seizure outcomes, and identification of the factors that contribute to good control of seizures and the risk factors for poor seizure outcomes

  • Understanding how seizure outcome changes over time, identification of these changes may contribute to our knowledge of epilepsy

  • Examination of how epilepsy impacts on mortality and general health

The issues outlined above are often associated with psychological and psychosocial health. Therefore, our work is closely linked to the neurocognitive epilepsy research group and collaborative projects are commonly undertaken.

Dr McIntosh (Head of the Epilepsy Outcomes research group) holds a dual appointment with the Royal Melbourne Hospital epilepsy resarch group via the Centre For Translational Neuroscience located at the Melbourne Brain Centre, RMH. This appointment facilitates multicentre epilepsy outcomes research and the translation of outcomes research into health care.

Dr Anne McIntosh

Senior Research Fellow 
Department of Medicine (Austin Health/Royal Melbourne Hospital)
University of Melbourne
[p]: +61-3-9035-7007/+61-3-9342-4419

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